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Blades Section:

Walther Trowel CC115 Barrel Deburr

Walther Trowel G100 Circular Vibratory System

Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015  Laser Cutter

Amada ITS-25020 Press Brake

2 x Trumpf Trumark  5000 Laser Marker

JK Laser Cutter - System 5000 3-Axis

ASA 250 Diamond Wheel Dresser

MVP Sprint 250 Qvi Vision System

2 x Schneeberger Norma CF6

Rollomatic Shape Smart NP5

2 x Rollomatic Grindsmart 628 XS

Wire Eroder Agie Charmilles FI 240

2 x Wire Eroder Agie Charmilles Cut200 SP

Surtech AE4000 Double Ended Polishing Machine

Leica A60 Stereo Microscope

Vision Mantis Elite Optical Magnifier

Mitutoyo Benchtop & Hardness Tester

Chester D32 Pillar Drill Press - Blades

Hydrafeed Flexiband Linishing machine


Trojan Pressure Tester

Trumpf Trulaser Station 5004 - Assembly

CNC Mills Section:

Haas 300 Vertical (VMC 6) Milling Machine


Mazak Integrex i100s - Horizontal Lathe

Filtration Unit A Mist 10S (Mazak Integrex i100s - Horizontal Lathe)

Matsuura H-Plus 300 (HMC 1)

Matsuura H-Plus 300 G-Tech 30i (HMC 2)

Matsuura H-Plus 300 G-Tech 30i (HMC 3)

CNC Turning Section:

Hardinge Conquest T42 (CNC 4)

Hardinge Conquest T42 B/F (CNC 1) - G/P EMC

Hardinge Conquest T42 B/F (CNC 2)

Hardinge Conquest T42 B/F (CNC 3)

Hardinge Conquest GT (CNC GT)

Star SV 32 (STAR 1)

Star SV 32 (STAR 2)

Star SV 32 (STAR 3)

Star SR 20 Eco (STAR 1)

Star SR 20 (STAR 2)

Grinding and Honing:

Promat P10-700-00 CNC Grinder

Jones & Shipman 1074 External Grinder

Giranghelli GP65 Cylindrical Grinder

Jainnher JHC12S Centreless Grinding Machine

Jones & Shipman 540X Surface Grinder

Machine Shop:

Microtap 2 - Mircotapping Machine

2 x Surtech DA 5000 Double Ended Polishing Machine

Robbi Omicron CNC 3210 Universal Cylindrical Grinder

Strands S35ME Pillar Drill - Deburr

Solvac F250 Ultrasonic Cleaner- Deburr

Vixen Aqua Blast 915 - Deburr

Guyson Super 4 Bead Blast Unit - Deburr

Vision Mantis  Optical Magnifier - Deburr

Hilsonic Sonic Wash

Wolf Double Ended Grinder

Clarkson Tool and Cutter Grinder


Kerry DF450 SA Passivation Unit


Bridgeport KRV2000 Turret Mill

Bridgeport E Mill Turret Milling Machine

Honing Machine MBB-1800

Honing Machine MBC-1800H

Honing Machine MBB-1609H

Hardinge Lathe American HC11

Hardinge Lathe HC2


Mitutoyo  AE112 CMM Manual - Inspection

Mitutoyo  Crysta APEXS 776 CNC CMM - Inspection

Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 Shadowgraph - Inspection

Mitutoyo PJ-300 Shadowgraph - Shop Floor

Vision Mantis Elite Optical Magnifier - Inspection

Innova Test W600 MBDL Hardness Testing Machine - Inspection


Medisafe Ultrasonic Cleaner

Gettinge HS 22K7 Autoclave

Magtrol Dynometer Controller DSP6001A

Vacuum Chamber - West Technology

Oven Carbolite AX60

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